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If you have not seen us for 6 months or more, please click over to the "New Clients" page as we will need to reconnect and do an extended consultation to revaluate your hair goals and ensure we have enough time to revamp your look!



Color Services

Color Retouch                                             $70+

Retouch w/ Refresher                               $90+

Color Retouch w/ Foils                              $85+

Conditioning Color Gloss                         $55+

Color Melting                                              $55+

Corrective Color By Consultation



If you would like us to get in contact with you about setting up an appointment, or if you have any hair-related questions for our stylists, let us know!




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Balayage                                                  $165+

Face Framing Balayage                       $75+

Babylights                                               $85+

Full Foil Placement                               $125+

Partial Foil Placement                          $85+

Face Framing Foil Placement            $55+

Foil Smudge                                            $30+

HairPainting &

Foil Placement 


Cuts &


Womens Cut                                             $50+

Mens Cut                                                    $25+

Blowdry                                                      $30+

Olaplex Bond Protector                          $20+

     A professional-inspired treatment that primes hair

       for deeper repair with the highest dose of patented

       OLAPLEX technology in any take-home product. It

       rebuilds hair bonds, strengthens and protects hair

       integrity. Scientifically Proven: 68% more repair &

       3x stronger hair. 

Inca Glow                                                   $225+

       Inca Glow is a non-keratin smoothing system that

       uses an amino acid complex that allows the product

       to provide a long lasting anti-frizz effect along with           straightening & shine. Results last 3 to 4 months.

Caviar Rejunvenation                              $25+

    Repairs and reconditions damaged hair caused by

      chemical, mechanical, and environmental elements.  

      Hair remains smooth, radiant, and healthy, for up to

      30 days.

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